Call or email even setup a meeting in person. Meighen Productions (steel City Events) can and will provide high end. high definition, quality proven services to you and your company or event!

At MP we only know perfection and want to help you in promotion, Graphics, sales, Live Sound, Web Development, service, installations, and engineering. We will and can provide quality refrences if you like. Our clients receive the best in service 24/7. Let us know your dreams, investments, visions, and we will help you make it a reality. Any design, graphic, voice over, imaging, website, and animation or sales, we will save you money and provide the best corporate or small business products for you.

We grow as you grow, our services are designed to save you money and help you build and maintain you business on many levels. Conferences, meetings, bands, small businesses, corporations, and shows of all kinds, we are the provider for all the services that promote your business you will ever need!

Our services provide a personal touch and one on one contact. We never leave anyone in the dark. MP wants to provide the perfect product and service at the right time for you to help gain you clients, finincial growth and a national and global presence. Call us today and don't waste a second of your time and energy.

Professional Video and Audio services and Rentals

Meighen Productions Provides High End Audio Products For Any Event. Some Of The Services Include, Audio Video Rentals, Corporate A/V Meeting Rentals, Sound Design, Line Arrays, Powered Speaker Rentals, Mixers, Microphones, Custom Imaging, Soundtrack Production, Audio Editing, Audio Engineering, and More.

Projectors, screens, audio, power point design, corporate events, small business, trade shows, weddings, Senior portraits, special designs, web sites, promotional material, prints, shirts, jackets, a/v sales, instalation, lighting, atmosphere effects, Fireworks and pyro techniques and more...

Staging services are also available. From large event venues to smaller events, we have you covered. We carry a full line of large format mixers, processing, monitor rigs, point source speakers and flyable line arrays with subs to match.

We have provided graphics, sound , lighting, cgi, , rentals, and video for national artists, multi million dollar corporations, and small businesses thoughout the nation and worldwide.

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